About Supplanter Counseling

“Supplanter”– one who takes the place of another because of superior excellence or power. Jacqueline Porter-Stewart, MSW, LCSW, Mediator founded Supplanter Counseling & Mediation, LLC out of a passion for helping people impacted by addictions, legal issues and challenging life circumstances. The mission of Supplanter Counseling & Mediation, LLC is to instill hope and to help clients develop skills to cope with life’s challenges, providing a safe place for exploration and recovery.

Jacqueline Porter-Stewart

MSW, LCSW, Mediator

Ms. Porter-Stewart has extensive experience working in the criminal justice field and has treated individuals with alcohol and substance addictions as well as psychiatric issues. Her clinical experience includes both outpatient and inpatient mental health/psychiatric and substance abuse settings. Ms. Porter-Stewart is a Certified Mental Health Screener and works with local police and first responders as a member of the Community Mobile Outreach Team in Trenton, New Jersey. While working with first responders, Ms. Porter-Stewart became interested in the psychological impact of trauma, grief and loss on law enforcement personnel, first responders, and veterans and their families. She gained expert knowledge in eating disorders while working at The Center for Eating Disorder Care in Princeton, New Jersey where she treats children, adolescents and adults in the acute inpatient unit.

Ms. Porter-Stewart also enjoys working with clients involved in the criminal justice system, and is respected for her work with this population. In New York, she managed a Vera Institute Demonstration Project known as the Nassau Bail Bond Program, a pretrial alternative to incarceration program, and worked as a forensic social worker for the Legal Aid Society.

Ms. Porter-Stewart is a member of the National Association of Social Workers and of the National Association for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors. She earned her Master of Science in Criminal Justice from Northeastern University and a Master of Social Work from New York University.

Jacqueline Porter-Stewart holds the following professional licenses and certifications:

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (NJ)
  • Licensed Masters Social Worker (NY)
  • Licensed Social Worker (PA)
  • Mental Health Screener (NJ)
  • Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor (NJ)
  • Credentialed Alcohol Substance Abuse Counselor (NY)
  • Certified Alcohol Counselor (PA)
  • Substance Abuse Professional (National)
  • International Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor
  • Certified Grief Recovery Specialist (NJ)



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