Substance Use/Abuse Counseling
Supplanter Counseling & Mediation, LLC recognizes the challenges individuals who struggle with substance abuse and addictions face. To meet their needs, Supplanter Counseling & Mediation, LLC focuses on relapse prevention, harm reduction and strength-based techniques. In addition, Ms. Porter-Stewart offers family counseling, which includes substance abuse education to help loved ones understand their role in the client’s recovery. Ms. Porter-Stewart supports all clients’ recovery choices, including medication assisted addiction therapy (suboxone and methadone), self-help programs and SMART Recovery.

Grief Counseling
As a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, Ms. Porter-Stewart understands the trauma of grief and loss and it’s impact on others. Based on the The Grief Recovery Method, Supplanter Counseling & Mediation, LLC provides grief counseling and support for those who’ve lost a loved one through death, divorce or other circumstances.

Through counseling with Ms. Porter-Stewart, clients will learn that grief is a normal emotional reaction to loss, helping them move beyond the loss.

Additional Counseling Services
We provide counseling to those experiencing stress due to family, employment, financial or relationship issues. Treats individuals with mood disorders such as Depression and Bipolar Disorder.

We offer support for adolescents and adults experiencing eating and body image issues and helps them to develop coping skills to prevent relapse. Through family therapy, Supplanter Counseling & Mediation, LLC educates clients and their families about eating issues and the recovery process.



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